15 November 2013

Tanz Live on a Friday night

So we decided to check out a venue that we have never been to before (I've also never really heard of it) on Friday night. It was quite a drive out to Randburg, but we hung in there!

As we got to the venue, we were delighted that it was such an open, welcoming place. A manager quickly assisted us in getting inside and was super friendly and welcoming. I do apologize for not asking his name, I would have liked to thank him. There is also a little play area if you would like to take your children there during the day. It is very clean and safe!

*photo from Facebook page

We immediately found the smoking lounge like we do. It was nice and comfy with couches and fresh air! Yay! There we listened to 2 bands we have never heard before. Greame Watkins project and Shaun Jacobs.

Shaun Jacobs’ music is not what I usually would listen to, but there is definitely some talent. The band will also be opening for Nickelback in December. Now, Nickelback is not one of anyone’s favourite bands, but for a local artist to open for a big international band is pretty damn HUGE!! Congratulations guys.
The Greame Watkins project was a little more in my taste. They also sound pretty amazing live. Not a lot of bands sound the same live as recorded. They do. We were still in the smoking lounge and it sounded like we were listening to recorded music! Pretty amazing indeed!

Now we have seen Lonehill Estate live before, but once again they blew us away! They have such a stage presence! Also, the Ginger Song was dedicated to me. Hell yeah! Every freckle is someone’s soul…

This was definitely a great night. The only thing that was a bit odd is the fridge. It was not “fully” stocked. But I guess “normal” people don’t drink as much as us alternative kids haha.

I would definitely recommend this venue to everyone out there. They have great service and great presence. It is for everyone as well. Take your grandma if you want to.

Tanz Live website: www.tanzlive.co.za
Tanz Live Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Tanzlivevenue
Tanz Live on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tanzlive

Greame Watkins project: http://graemewatkinsproject.com/
Lonehill Estate: https://www.facebook.com/lonehillestate

*I do apologize, I was unable to get any good photos :(

21 February 2013

Valentine's Day Victims - Movida

I don’t even know how to start this post…

For Valentine’s day we decided to go to Movida as we heard that Lonehill Estate will be playing there. We have not seen them perform before and NOW was the time.

I heard that this was the first time that Movida was hosting bands. They usually have djs and such.

I was immediately amazed when we walk into the venue. One of the most beautiful clubs I have ever set my feet in.  From the bars, to the dance floor, to the chairs! I felt so fancy doing this.

We especially loved the wooden dance floor. No slipping and falling for us!

We got there early, so we sat around and had a couple of drinks before the first band came on.  The band members were casually mingling with the crowd.

Daniel Baron was the first act. He did some covers that were very well done. Great voice and great stage presence. While he was playing, we went to go mix our special cocktails that were part of a Blackberry sponsored competition. They gave us a menu and we could make our own cocktails from any of the ingredients on the menu. Anything. They took the choices down with our names and the best cocktail would win a Blackberry Bold.

The second act is an amazing band from Cape Town. This was the first time I ever heard of them and from what they did on that stage, I wondered why they were not bigger! I would definitely urge you all to do yourselves a  favour and go see “iScream and The Chocolate Stix”!! All I can say is WOW!

Lastly, but definitely not least, the moment we have been waiting for since we saw them on SABC3 one lazy Sunday morning… Lonehill Estate! Who knew they were so humorous? Oh wait, I’ve seen the music videos. Silly me, I should have expected this. Haha. They had a great performance and I was right in the front giving my body some punishment. I was just dancing my little butt off and singing so loud that my voice nearly disappeared. Great stage presence, great performance.

My feet got sore so I took my boots off and ran around in my Spongebob Squarepants socks. It was so nice not getting stuck to the floor or having to get a shot because you stepped in something nasty. We did not stay long after that, but did get some photos for my collection.

All over, this was a great party! Thanx Movida for the best Valentine’s day ever!!

Our friend, Melani, winning the Blackberry

Aren't we adorable?
Movida’s website: http://www.movida.co.za

7 February 2013

Lilith Models' Fashion for Charity

This event was absolutely great as it was all done for charity!

Parties involved were:
Lilith Models
Solsken Alternative Clothing
Purely Kat jewelry
Zeplins Nightclub

After the fashion show, we had a great party with some awesome dj's.

Some pics of the show:

12 December 2012

Park Acoustics

We decided to join the last Park Acoustics of the year 2012.

We stopped off to buy some SPF50 so our little white skins don't scorch in the sun and we were off. I dressed my little girl in a pink tutu and I wore a black one. You know, so people will know it belongs to me.

When we got there, we realized we probably should have gone a tad earlier. We couldn't find a spot with shade ANYWHERE!! Well we had our sunscreen right? We put down the blanket and I rubbed lotion into my little pumpkin... And my daughter as well. We were set.

People were braaiing, having drinks and laughing. Good times.

We saw some great bands. Some of them we have not seen before so it was a great first time (that's what she said). The vibe was absolutely great!

After the band played, we went inside the hall area where we saw some really funny stand up acts. This was good after the day in the blazing sun.

All and all a great time! I can't wait for the next one.

So do yourselves a favour and check your local parties for this one!! You will not regret it! It is also family friendly so bring your child, parents and grandparents!

Just watch out for bears :P

Photos by Henno Kruger

19 November 2012

Arcade Empire - Bittereinder album launch

Since I have never been to Arcade Empire (well not inside, as at Halloween I waited outside for over an hour and decided to leave, since I don't wait in line for shit) I decided I wanted to review the “Bittereinder” album launch there on Saturday night.

At first we got so lost, as this place is in the middle of nowhere and if you have not been there before, you will not easily find it. Finally, we saw two guys in skinny jeans walking beside the road and decided to ask them where to go. As we pulled up to them, they started running, as you do in South Africa. Luckily they were heading the same way and we gave them a ride. Who can be scared of anyone wearing skinny jeans, right?

Finally we get there. The place is very pretty inside and it seems that this might be a great night. As we get to the bar, all the bar people seem to fall over their own feet to serve us (my female friend and I). Seems legit. Was quite great actually.

Space Invader FOR THE WIN!!

Now we want to go check out the back of the venue, as this is where the band will play. I get a huge surprise when we get to the entrance desk, as I am not on the list as the owner stated I would be. The lady then had to put me on the list as I insisted. I also insisted on a plus one for the inconvenience. Now I get that this could have been by accident, so no hard feelings ok?

Unfortunately the aircons in the back were not working so we were dying of heat and I was sweating my makeup off. Not something I enjoy much. There were also no windows, so every breath and every fart just hung around in the air. Good times. I suggest they get those working as soon as possible.

"Dafuq" moment of the night

The first act for the night featured Magdalene Minnaar. If you have not heard of this lady before, I suggest you go check her out NOW! This South African soprano has recently played in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “The Phantom of the Opera”, singing the female lead Christine DaeĆ©. She blew me away as I was not expecting a voice like THAT to come out of a tiny girl like her. Absolutely amazing!! She is also great on the eyes, which makes her the perfect musician in every way.

Photographer: Neill Foster
Photographer: Neill Foster
As always, Bittereinder's performance was mind-blowing! They have amazing stage presence as well, which made it more entertaining to watch instead of just listening.

Photographer: Neill Foster

The shape of the room (and here the fact that there are no windows came in very handy) has a huge effect on the overall sound. It did not echo as you would expect in a big open area. I guess that was the idea. The dance floor is big enough to accommodate all the fans, without all the bumping and squeezing you normally get. The stage is also not too high, so you're not staring at anyone's crotch and also not too low for the people in the back to not see.

This is a great venue for live entertainment and I would definitely suggest going there if your favourite bands are playing.

Check out the following sites!!

Arcade Empire (coming soon): http://arcadeempire.co.za/
Magdalene Minnaar: http://www.magdaleneminnaar.com
Bittereinder: http://www.bittereinder.com/
Neill Foster: http://www.behance.net/nfosterjnr

6 November 2012

Halloween at Aandklas, Hatfield

Trying to leave work early to start getting ready as soon as possible. That is exactly what I did on Friday 2 November 2012. I even went to a toy store to get some face paint, since I wanted to do something different this time.

It was that time of the year again. The time when everyone dresses up as their favourite movie characters, mythical creatures or just something completely random. This is HALLOWEEN!!

When we got to Aandklas, early as we do, we saw that the place was nicely decorated in the Halloween theme. Orange balloons hanging, cobwebs everywhere and even little carved oranges with candles in for each table. It looked absolutely amazing!

The place started filling up and some people really went the extra mile with their costumes. It ranged from Mario, Luigi and Peach to a full on smurf! My favourite was definitely mr. "Lilith-did-not-recognize-you-and-had-to-stare-forever-to-figure-out-who-you-are" Baas De Beer. I never thought a boer can look so scary!

The vibe was absolutely great. Alternative kids and mainstream kids both enjoyed themselves equally, so I have to say high five for that as it is a rare occurrence.

There were some super amazing dj’s doing their thing at the back and the dance floor was packed!
We did have a little oopsie with the music at the back, but the upside is that it happened very close to closing time, so no harm done to the party. This was quickly recovered by playing the music from the front on the back speakers as well.

There was a lovely little photo booth for everyone to go pose at. Haha lots of fun right there. I don't think anyone realized how unstable they were until the video was released. All the photos were taken and put together for this video. REALLY well done!


It was an ABSOLUTE blast!

Here are some more photos:

Photos by Henno Kruger and Baas De Beer.

 Photo by Skully.